April 14, 2011

Face To Face Talk Show in Channel 5 is Awesome. Isn't it???

Way back few months, i heard this new talk show in channel 5 from my friends.  They said its really funny to watch. Then i tried watching it, and yeah its really awesome though. I think it has a high ratings now.


Face To Face is aired every 11:30 i guess. It is hosted by Miss Amy Perez. Seriously, it is really funny to watch and at the same time you will definitely learn from it. Its not just an entertainment, but its more on sharing advices and solving real problems faced by individual. It focuses on real everyday issues.

In the show, Face To Face will invite two opposing parties which then allow them to speak out there different feelings. Their main purpose is to resolve such misunderstanding in both parties with the help of "Trio Taga Payo" and Ms. Amy Perez as well. Now, they are starting extending the show, not only in the studio but also starting to move around in every places.  

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Anonymous said...
May 14, 2011 at 4:08 AM

What a very cool TV show.

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