April 15, 2012

Sport Betting Spot

Sportsbettingspot.com was created by sports betting players who wanted to help new players in finding the best online sports books. They carefully reviewed all the sports books in order for them to identify scams and non paying books. They are also the main source of good sports books.

Sport Betting Spot is an  online sports betting website that offers online betting on any sports such as NFL,NBA, MLB, etc. This website also offers the latest news in every sports and provide the latest game score in every game.

It also provides game details such as game standing and game status for the readers.

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December 01, 2011

Good Night By Reece Mastin: I LikeThis Song.

Reece Mastin, 16 years Old is Australia X Factor 2011 Winner. I decided to post about it because i like his song entitled GOOD NIGHT. Also, we kind a both like pop rock type of music...lol

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I vote for BLOG-PH.com for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice

BLOG-PH.com deserves to be the  Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice this year. Because BLOG-PH.com is just under 1 year old but already averaging 40,000 views a month and one of the Top 100 Pinoy Blogs according to Top Blogs Philippines, peaked at #88 last week. This blog really bring fun for its readers, not just by providing quality and unique content, but also by posting some great post such as recent happenings in the Philippines and latest buzz on Philippine Celebrities, and its not also late by providing latest new on Technology as well as fashions and Lifestyle. That's Why I support BLOG-PH.com.

I vote for BLOG-PH.com for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice.

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October 20, 2011

An Avian Sanctuary Community for the Family

The lush environment; the gently-rolling terrain; the nature preserves; and a residential concept that enhances the mind, body, and spirit: aside from offering a flourishing vision of healthy outdoor living, these clearly define Elaro’s vibrant community.

Following the successes of Ayala Land Premier’s (ALP) southern developments Ayala Westgrove Heights, Abrio, Montecito, and Santierra, Elaro is a project set to harmonize nature and urban convenience. A home that embraces the vitality of the green earth, Elaro is poised to become the South’s next major residential enclave.

A quick thirty-minute drive from Makati along the improved Skyway and South Luzon Expressway takes you to the dynamic community of Elaro. Nestled at the heart of Ayala Land’s first and largest eco-community – NUVALI, the 72-hectare development is an ideal address for those who value quality family time and find enjoyment, tranquility, and relaxation in surrounding greeneries.

“Elaro is next to NUVALI’s wildlife and bird sanctuary, thus, ALP continues to make very conscious efforts to ensure that the residential concept will contribute in the maintenance of the birds’ natural habitat,” explains Head of ALP, Jose Juan Jugo.

Notably, NUVALI’s 14-hectare wildlife and bird sanctuary is home to 136 bird species.

“If sensitive avian species can live peacefully amidst the comforts of nature in Elaro, what more for families looking for a home sheltered from the demands of the city life?” says Dr. Roberto Puentespina, Project Manager of the Malagos Garden Resort in Davao.

Aside from providing prospective residents quaint views of Tagaytay Ridge and Mount Makiling, Elaro allows them to take pleasure in serene living spaces and a wide array of outdoor amenities that are designed to complement the natural features of the terrain.

The 3-hectare amenity core features the Village Clubhouse, Main Park, and the Multi-Purpose Courts – all dedicated to the promotion of family interaction.

There will be a social hall, a fitness area, as well as lap, kiddie, and lounge pools. Parks and playgrounds will house a multi-purpose field, a camp site, picnic areas, and man-made ponds.

Likewise, families can spend time together, build stronger relationships, and bear witness to the beauty of the outdoors through the development’s multi-purpose courts, gardens, and green spaces.

Complemented by modern amenities and a verdant environment, Elaro, indeed, creates an ideal community for residents who want to experience living with loved ones amid the splendor of nature.

Elaro is an exclusive 72-hectare residential development of Ayala Land Premier in Canlubang, Laguna. A natural sanctuary for family and nature, Elaro is ALP's fourth development in NUVALI. For more inquiries log on to www.ayalalandpremier.com

Elaro is Ayala Land Premier’s first natural sanctuary for family and nature in NUVALI.

Following the success of the developer’s southern developments Ayala Westgrove Heights, Abrio, Montecito, and Santierra, ALP is once again setting a new benchmark in residential living with the introduction of Elaro—a project set to harmonize nature and urban convenience.

“If sensitive avian species can live peacefully amidst the comforts of nature in Elaro, what more for families looking for a home sheltered from the demands of the city life?” says Dr. Roberto Puentespina, Project Manager of the Malagos Garden Resort in Davao.

 Paolo Viray – Ayala Land Premier’s Project Development Manager, Jose Juan Jugo – Head of Ayala Land Premier, Christine Cenal of Haribon Foundation, and Dr Roberto “Bo” Puentespina

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August 02, 2011

Furnished Rentals in Toronto

SkyViewSuites  is a company located in toronto that offers unique services like hotel. It is a fully furnished corporate apartment which suitable for any business and travel accommodation

Furnished Rentals in Toronto is a furnished apartment rental which is the perfect choice for business and vacation travelers seeking the comfort of a home away from home.

It offers wide variety of comfortable and affordable corporate housing solutions and provide a wide space, privacy, and value that a typical hotel can offers.


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July 28, 2011

Free SMS Offered By Gmail

Recently, one of my friend ask me if I do have a gmail account, i told her nope(even though I have), she told me that I should have gmail account, because I has 50 free txt a day. so I log on to my gmail and this is what I found out.

Its quiet impressive, because you can send upto 50 messages to one recipient, no need for a reply of your receipient(some sites offer sms, but after you send 2 SMS message it is mandatory for your recipient to reply for you to continue sending SMS) I'm sure not much people knows about it, so better shared it. I hope this would help you guys in times you don't have a load or for emergency purposes.lol 

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June 05, 2011

Changing My Blog Template: Killed My Search Engine Rankings

What the heck. Just wondering what really happened to my blog, was it my fault when i changed the template of my blog or Google made a change on their search algorithm?

Ano kaya nangyari. hmmmMmm. Kahit e type ko pa yong buong post title sa Search Engine hindi parin nag rarank yong blog ko.huhuhu paano na to. mostly naman 2nd or 3rd yong rank ko, kunge etatype ko yong post title, kahit nga yong keywod lang nag rarank parin tapos ngayon wala na. kakalongkot naman to.huhuhu Well anyway this a sort of a challenge for me to learn more about SEO latest tactics.

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May 26, 2011

Act Like You Know Everything. Become Genius with LG OPTIMUS 2X.

Technology nowadays is speeding very fast. Lots of gadgets are being sold in the market.  When it comes to mobile devices, does anything can beat SMART PHONES? The answer is YES.

The LG OPTIMUS 2X can beat everything. LG has finally releas there new mobile product. The LG OPTIMUS 2X.                                                                        So, what’s new with LG? Is it the SIZE? Or the STYLE?


It’s the BRAIN. It is not just Smart, but its freaking GENIUS.

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